Global Design Agency 

Material Lab Unit
MIL - Kering 
Fall 2021 & june 2022

Object Design 

This mobile unit is created in order to be an evolutive and space flexible exhibition tool. Carriable and easy to line up, those fly cases open-up to stand as exhibition booths.

Plexiglas,100% recycled & recycling plastic
Bio-material, natural oil coating

︎ Design
︎ Production
︎ Manufacture

Summer 2021

Space Design 
Eco Design 

Outdoor construction project for the city of Cabries. Inspired by an antic gallo-roman villa which has been situated next to the project site. This project includes an educational and water autonomous garden made with permaculture. The benches are made with recycled rooftop tiles.

Outdoor wood & pine wood
Recycled tiles in gabion
Green waste of the city 


Boot Camp Shared Places
Ensad - Ambassade de France aux Etats-Unis
Summer 2021

Space Design 

Editing compiling all the U.S. community college student projects made during the Virtual boot camp 2021. This project has been created and supported in partnership with Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris and the French embassy of the United States. 

Students work for three weeks questioning how to define a shared space as an ecosystem in order to find sustainable solutions by a design project.

Dernier Etage
Plateau Urbain 
Spring 2021

Space Design 

Enhance a temporary space.
Plan development and conception of kit furniture set for a rooftop in a temporary art residency at Porte de Vanves for Plateau Urbain. This furniture set contains a chair, a bench, a gardener and a table. 

Last Floor was created to be easy to build, set up, use and line-up with no glue, nail or screw. In order to make this project fully open to everyone, the agency created an instruction manual for every furniture.

100% Natural Pine,
Ratchet strap

Dressing Collective
Vestiaire Collective 

Space Design 

Concept of a booth installation for Vestiaire Collective.
Dressing collective is an open booth experience with a 360 dressing composed of second hand influencers clothes and a stair stand.

The booth offers a premium experience around the luxury second hand by presenting and selling influencers clothes.

Valoriser et Innover par le design.